We've reduced our power bills in the nursery by 87.4%

We run a 30kw, three-phase pump which was extremely expensive to run. With Dale's assistance, we had a solar system installed and it has made a huge impact on our operations. In fact, we have been able to reduce our power bills in the nursery by 87.4%. This has made an enormous impact on our business. Dale has been extremely easy to work with, which has made the entire transition very straight forward. — Garry Edmonds, Director, Cudgen Palm Nursery, NSW

Our power bills have decreased by 40%

We run three 5KW systems in our agricultural business. We made the decision to install solar because our electricity costs were extremely high. Dale was excellent to deal with, and took the time to understand our needs and educate us about the best system to meet them. Our power bills have decreased substantially, at this stage by 40%. This obviously makes a significant difference to our business. — Walter (surname withheld for commercial reasons)

Dale is an incredibly honest and straight-shooting guy

I made the decision to have a solar energy system installed at our business because of high electricity costs which were rapidly rising. I have actually known Dale for years, so I knew he was the best person to discuss this with. He is extremely knowledgeable and is an incredibly honest and straight-shooting guy. I knew that he would do the right thing by my business. The entire process has been very straightforward and easy from my point of view. The installers were also terrific. I am looking forward to seeing the power bills come down! — Mark Adams, Sunspares Yandina

Importantly, he does not use cheap components

Having completed a great deal of research on the subject, we decided to have a solar energy system installed on our roof at the beginning of this year. For us, the decision was not just a financial one (although with six people in our home, we were experiencing very high power bills and they were not get cheaper), but also an environmental one. We found Dale to be extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all the different options that Solar Energy systems can offer. He really knows what he is talking about, and ensured that the experience of having the installation done was a good one. His installers were great, they were knowledgeable and obliging. Importantly, he does not use cheap components, so we feel peace of mind that the system will not only last, but perform at an optimum level for years and years.  Dale is different than others that we have spoken to, he will help you get the right system to meet your energy requirements. 
— Dennis and Gail Dowling, Sunrise Beach

We decided to have solar panels installed because we have been concerned about the rising electricity bills. They are increasing every year, and it seems we can only look forward to them going up. I knew nothing about solar, so I was very reassured by Dale's knowledge and experience. He took the time to explain how it worked to me, and I was very comfortable with the system he recommended.  It has been a very simple process all round. Dale was professional and easy to deal with. His installers were terrific and did a fantastic job. I would recommend Dale to anyone who is considering having solar panels installed. — John Hodder, Moffat Beach, Caloundra

He took the time to explain how Solar worked