QUALITY Guaranteed

  • All work carried out and equipment supplied by Energy Makers is of a quality and standard sufficient to perform the function for which it is intended.

  • We provide our clients with well-considered recommendations based on technical expertise that has been garnered over many years in the renewable energy industry.

  • Above all it is our policy that the service and work carried out by our employees is of a quality and workmanship which conforms at all times to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.


  • Management and employees are committed to a system of Continuous Improvement ensuring that our workmanship, product and processes are regularly reviewed so that we remain Australia’s premier alternative energy provider.
  • The directors of Energy Makers know that all our employees are committed to this policy. It ensures the security of our employment and the satisfaction that comes from of a job well done.
  • Most importantly this policy ensures a high level of client service and satisfaction which is the fundamental basis of our success.